Most popular ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) addons
Name Description Category
Download SkyShards
SkyShards adds map pins for skyshards to the world map. By: Garkin
Map Coords Compasses
Download WarLegend Raid Frame
This AddOn replace the original RAID frame. It shows players HP (current), Stamina and Magicka Bars. Frames will fade out if the player is out of range. You can move the Frames one by one by opening your game menu. By: Lyeos
Raid Mods
Download Chat Watch
Based upon LFG Shout/Trade Shout for WOW Hard keeping track of all the LFG and trade messages in city/zone trade? Filter the spam and dont miss a FG/LFM request or a bargain trade in all the noise. Chat Watch, filters all general chat channels looking for typical LFG and trade chat text (LFG, LFM, LF2M,WTB etc). It uses and advance scoring system to rate chat messages and work out if they are suitable.
Auction House and Vendors
Download CraftCompare
This simple addon will display your currently equipped item(s) when crafting items. It applies to the following crafting modes: Creation, Improvement Extraction (ComparativeTooltips style possible), Research (ComparativeTooltips style only). By default, comparisons will be displayed within the games PopupTooltip. This tooltip is created by the default UI and can be moved and closed.
Bags Bank Inventory
Download craftingXP
Movable window (position is remembered) that displays the amount of XP gained from a crafting evolution (including learning recipes) can turn window off using /cxp off window will return when crafting XP is gained.
Download Dustman
Simple addon that automatically marks trash items (ITEMTYPE_TRASH) as junk and sells all junk when vendor window is opened.
Bags Bank Inventory
Download ESO Toolbox
This addon adds a new settings page to the in-game settings menu. Here you're able to adjust some more advanced settings (e.g. the actual renderer being used, whether to use multithreading, or if you'd like to skip the intro videos). This is primarily meant for those running into issues when running the game. If you don't want to edit your UserSettings.txt by hand, try adjusting the setting with this addon.
Download ESOAttributeNotify
ESOAttributeNotify is a lightweight add-on that displays attribute and skill points when they are unspent. To hide the notification, you can right click it. It will display again if additional skill or attribute points become available.
Unit Frames
Download Merchants
Merchants is an addon that adds Icons for Merchant NPC's to the map. I made this addon because i thought it was very annoying that there weren't any options for overhead NPC names or to show them on a map and since i was having a hard time finding the right NPC's i made this. Author: Mitsarugi
Map Coords Compasses
Download SpamFilter
SpamFilter filters zone, say, and yell channels in ESO's in-game chat for gold spammers, and automatically adds them to your ignore list. Don't worry though, people in your friends list are automatically white-listed, so you don't have to worry about accidentally ignoring a friend. Repository Location: By: Paul Trampert (pjt15253).
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